Paredes – Barriers to Understanding the Bible

For my Hispanic family, friends and those that speak Spanish or Hebrew
– while studying I found something interesting. The word paredes (wall) in Spanish is an acronym in Hebrew for the 4 layers of the Torah.

The letters of the acronym are p r d s. There are no vowels in Hebrew.

We each have layers of relationships with others and ourselves. And as we open up it is with fewer people. So it is with understanding the Bible. “As above, so below.”

Those Hebrew letters stand for:

P (peh): p’shat – the outer layer, the simplest most direct reading
Your outer appearance how you dress, speak and move

R (resh): remez – that which needs explaining, hints and allusions

What a trained observer can discern by how you dress, speak and move

D (dalet): drush – deeper meanings that must be mined, these will inspire the heart

What only your closest friend could know

S (samech): sod – the secrets, discovered only by those with prepared hearts and minds openly shared and not yet seen by the vast majority

That which only you could know about yourself after decades of introspection