11 Forgotten Laws

The 11 forgotten laws are not forgotten by all. Many have no idea how to apply them. It takes each of us conscious effort applied over time to see the benefits. It feels like night turned into day with each new understanding.

Bob Proctor, the personal development and success author, addresses these eleven principles. Of course, Bob applied these universal principles long before the movie. Let me introduce you to these 11 as I see them:

The Law of Thinking – “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he” from the Biblical proverb. This law is also known as the law of Mentality, see the Kybalion. That the universe is 100% mental. We experience everything through our mind. The mind’s eye perceives the physical universe. Not the hand or tongue, but the mind. How we choose to think about an object, an event or a situation affects our feelings and reactions. When we change our thoughts we change our lives, for good or bad. Thinking small, we see small opportunities. Thinking big, we see big opportunities.
Action: Observe your thoughts. Become aware of them. Don’t fight them. Keep the thoughts that foster success. Let the others pass you by.

The Law of Supply – the energy of the universe is infinite and expanding. So is our supply from the Source infinite and expanding. Scarcity is a marketing tactic to create and manipulate fears. Fear creates knee jerk reactions like a doctor hitting a knee with his reflex hammer. Becoming aware of our Source and Its infinite supply transforms us. Our automatic reactions become conscious responses and our lives begin to reflect abundance.
Action: Meditate on the infinite supply of the sun’s energy. And how it supplies our earth with life, plants, animals, people and all our handiwork.

The Law of Attraction – I like to think of this with the understanding of resonance. When I pluck a single string on one of my guitars, the same string on my other guitars begin to vibrate too. And this is how it is with everything around us. We attract like minded people. We attract like minded situations. Holding our mind on abundant thoughts, abundant opportunities become noticeable to us.
Action: Observe which note of your heart and mind you are plucking. Notice how it feels. Find the matches with what you are experiencing in your relationships and environment.

The Law of Receiving – understanding that we receive all good things from the Source. As we comprehend that the Source is the originator, the Cause, of all good things. We must do our part and labor for our desires. But the Cause of their fulfillment does not lie with us as individuals, but with the Source of our supply. You might consider it as the seed. It receives everything from the sun’s operation. Its influence over the soil, water, wind and the seed’s own creation illustrate its reach. It is the sun that has developed everything the seed needs to be. The only thing the seed needs to do is follow its blueprint and be itself.
Action: Check your own life to uncover where you may be limiting your receiving from the Source.

The Law of Increase – the idea “Energy flows to where your focus goes.” Or you grow what you water whether they be weeds or seeds. Where we maintain our emotional focus and mental activities are what we develop in our lives. We will find more opportunities as we become grateful for those we already enjoy. We increase that which we invest our heart.
Action: Observe where we are most passionate on a daily basis. Then choose to invest more into that which furthers your life plan.

The Law of Compensation – as a pendulum swings to the right so it will swing to the left. So are we compensated for what we put out into the world. As Newton’s third law states: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. It is not the idea that for every good deed there is an evil deed. But for every situation we imagine in our heart and mind we create a form or vacuum that now needs filling. “Nature abhors a vacuum.”
Action: Reach back in time to where you imagined a set of circumstances that ended up in your experiences.

The Law of Non-Resistance – This is rather obvious and yet, difficult to apply at times. Consider that a boy loves flying his kite. The only way that a kite flies is if it receives enough resistance from the blowing wind to elevate it. Or consider the bodybuilder that could not build muscle without the weights. So it is for everything we want. Resistance is the very thing that helps us soar and grow strong. It is foolish when we tell ourselves that we want a six pack of abs when we don’t invest the time and pain. When our diet fails to support our desire. And when we desire the prestige of a new position without the skills to fulfill it.
Action: Look at one place in your life where you have built a barrier to your desires. Now, look at how you can either go over or around that wall to continue on your path.

The Law of Forgiveness – One of the most difficult to apply for everyone. Forgiveness is necessary to proceed. To forgive ourselves and those that seek forgiveness from us when they make amends. We don’t punish our toddlers when they make a horrible mess while feeding themselves. So, we shouldn’t punish ourselves when we make a horrible mess for being a spiritual toddler.
Action: Look into where you don’t forgive yourself and then choose a different stance. Then tell yourself, I my best. For where I was at heart, mind and spirit. I am learning from my mistakes.

The Law of Sacrifice – We need to lay upon our altar of sacrifice those things that no longer serve us. Do you watch too much TV? Do you shy away in the corner when you could be networking? Do you need to sacrifice your fear of public speaking to get your message out to more people?
Action: Find one thing to sacrifice that is hindering you from achieving items on our goal list.

The Law of Obedience – Addresses the rebel in each of us. As we obey the laws of the universe, the universe obeys its own laws…it is a constant. Consider electricity, we can use it to empower the machines of modern life. But, playing with high voltage kills us. So, we obey or follow the laws of the universe. Rather than rebel against them because we don’t like how they apply in a particular situation.
Action: Look for any point in your life where you encounter friction. See if understanding this law can help you.

The Law of Success – Success flows according to the internal life we live. Our external circumstances improve as we elevate our internal thoughts, feelings and emotions. Our circumstances will match. They always match. Success depends on what you choose for your life. It is not a billion dollars for everyone. Or a mansion with a Ferrari. Each of us are unique and each of us have unique expressions of desire. You choose what success looks and feels like for you. Don’t follow the seminar and webinar hacks. Those cookie-cutter “What Success Looks Like” sales pitches. Be True To You.
Action: Take the time to feel what success feels like and what it looks like to you.