God Is Not Finished With Us Yet

Have you ever heard the saying “God is not finished with me yet” in your circles? It seems to come from a New Testament verse Philippians 1:6 “…that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion¬†until the day of Christ Jesus.”

Yet, I have found the original source of that message in Genesis 2:3 while taking a course on the soul through Chabad.org.

The verse does not say “which God had created and made.” Rather, it says, “which God had created to make” telling us that everything is in process. The act of creation is ongoing. His perfect vision of creation is not completed.

Perhaps, you and I can see creation as perfect. Just as God sees it. What you and I see as imperfect is like a lay person viewing a master craftsman’s work in progress. The master craftsman works with the end result in mind from beginning to end. He maintains his vision in mind while carving away each bit that is no longer wanted. Uncovering the perfection of his intention is accomplished one stroke at a time.

The unripened artist sees only a stone with all its imperfections while the master sculptor sees his soul’s next expression under all the layers (kelipah). He maintains his vision while his blood turns the flowing water red (eg. 1st plague) from his bleeding hand after his chisel slipped. His vision remains clear while sweeping up the endless chiseled bits and dust (eg. frogs of the plagues) each night. His desire maintains the image regardless of the endless stream of nagging (eg. biting insects) complaints his body uses to divert his sight.

You see, we are IN the birthing process. The creation is IN process. The Artist is at work. And we are the expression of the Artist and the Art. Perhaps.

I referenced the the plagues of Egypt above to draw attention to the time of year, Passover and Easter are only days away. And to inspire you to look into the metaphor of birth here. The birth of a nation of the Israelites. It took about 9 months for the plagues from the 1st to the 10th.  And the idea presented above that creation is a work in progress. The layers are being chipped away.